Your Team

For us it is a matter of course that we see each member of our school community in his or her own personality. The wellbeing of each individual is to be strengthened and supported.
We expect from our students a willingness to perform and the desire to achieve goals.
We always offer an open ear, structure and patience in class and a lot of help in case of difficulties.
We ask our parents for joint action and trust so that we can achieve the best possible results.
We, the school management team and our colleagues, thus look forward to a pedagogical triad of parents, students and colleagues.

Your admin-istration

Sascha Berner
pedagogical principal

born on December 15, 1975 in Ludwigshafen
High school graduation in Speyer
Study of biology in Heidelberg
Work in research at the Hygiene Institute Heidelberg
Studied biology and English as a teacher at the University of Heidelberg
Lecturer Zoology and Human Biology at the PH Heidelberg 

since 2004 teacher for English and Biology at the private high school St.Leon-Rot
2006 Co-founder PGW (private grammar school Weinheim)
until 2016 School management team PGW
until 2019 Friedrich School in Weinheim
2019 Emigration to Costa Rica, Playa Coyote

You want to know more about me and the reasons for our emigration?
Here I am in a podcast with Stefan Hund, a good friend, father of a former student of mine and "reality waiter". 

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