Elementary school
1st - 4th year

"School at last!"
The way to elementary school is an important step. The children are highly motivated and hunger for explanations and knowledge.
We want to encourage this enthusiasm and prepare them for the middle school with fun and motivation.

Parents - Teacher - Team

Round Table

Even at primary school age, children are enthusiastic about modern media and enjoy working with them - but personal support on site is of course essential. That's why we see ourselves first and foremost as learning consultants at the beginning of elementary school, especially for the parents. Several times a week, a virtual "round table" with parents and the teacher takes place, where the weekly schedule and the teaching of their content is discussed and adjusted. We put together the material, and the lessons are then conducted by a parent or a trusted person (e.g. an au pair).


Lessons with a teacher

Of course, we also start in the 1st year of school to conduct the first lessons in the virtual classroom with the teacher. Step by step, we will start and increase the number of teacher lessons until in the 4th grade all lessons are held online by one teacher. But even in the 4th grade, a familiar person is usually still needed in the background as a learning companion. We are always at your side in case of problems.

Contingent Schedule
Elementary school and school fees

This is the distribution of lessons over the individual school years.
The tuition fee is a current estimate, we reserve the right to make adjustments.

Subject Grade
English-- 224
General Science2334 12
Arts2 1227
Consolidation lessons and 
shared fun in class
22- -4
lessons per week18192223-
Round table per week3211 x
every second week
Teacher lessons
with students
per week
monthly school fee€189€205€225€360-
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