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Modern times demand modern concepts. In a globalized world, there must be possibilities to teach your own children in their German mother tongue, even if you do not live in your home country.

Our core objective is to offer a varied, thorough and comprehensible education in which our students feel supported and, above all, enjoy learning. We believe that all young people deserve access to a quality education, which is why all our lessons are taught online. For this reason, Wilhelm von Humboldt German Onlineschool is in a unique position to help students prepare for their future and gain internationally recognized qualifications outside the traditional classroom.

We offer consistent online live instruction in a virtual classroom atmosphere. The contents of the lessons are based on the curricula and educational plans of Germany. In this way, we ensure that our students have the opportunity to return to school in Germany at any time without losing time, or to obtain an official school leaving certificate by taking an examination at a German school.

We guarantee this through an experienced school management team and a motivated teaching staff that has already taught at German schools. The children are the focus of our attention. We ensure a common class structure and a friendly interaction with each other.

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Social Proximity

Strong Relationships

Particularly because of physical distance, social contact with and between our students is of great importance to us.
Therefore, personal conversations are very important. Direct contact in the group and individually are a self-evident fact for us. We have an open ear for students and parents, we give feedback and keep small talk... also outside of class. Because we want to be accessible.
The most important point is of course the class community. Sitting rigidly in front of the computer and listening to the teacher in no way corresponds to modern teaching. We let the students work with each other during and after class, but we also cater to their individual needs.

A student who likes group work can be fully involved in it. Students who prefer individual work will primarily receive this. These are the advantages of modern facilities.
Class leader lessons, class council and an intensive feedback structure are part of our methods to find a good community. Personal meetings are also planned from the beginning. We make sure that our students are doing well.

Modern Teaching


We provide each student with a virtual Microsoft Office365 work environment with their own access. The lessons themselves take place according to a timetable in video chat, where the teacher teaches and discusses assignments. Students work in a secure online workbook, so the teacher can see the assignments and intervene individually if necessary. Homework is also completed in this workbook so that the teacher can evaluate it immediately. Parents have access so that they can review the lesson content. Class work is also carried out and evaluated in this environment. All communication with parents and also the current grade sheet can be accessed here directly.


German curriculum

Our timetable is based on the guidelines of the KMK (Kultusministerkonferenz) in order to meet the demands of high-quality teaching. Additional analysis and support concepts for spelling and mathematics are planned. Cooperation for language certificates and additional qualifications is being sought. The vacation periods are based on the German vacations (teacher presence of colleagues working at other schools). For the summer vacations, 6 weeks are determined from the so-called core holiday density (the time when most of the German states have vacations).

The implementation of the KMK guidelines ensures the comparability of the requirements to German schools. Our goal is to ensure that our students can attend a German school at their age level and take German final examinations at any time. The level of performance is checked by regular performance assessments. At the end of a school year, grades are given out as an overview with feedback and learning recommendations.


Experience at German schools

Each of our teachers has taught at a German school for several years. Each colleague therefore knows the structures at German schools prepares the students for their requirements and exams. In addition to high-quality, modern teaching, our colleagues are characterized by a high level of media competence and experience in online teaching. Our school is based on pioneering spirit and the desire to find new ways. This pioneering spirit is reflected in the high motivation and desire for good teaching.
At least once a year, a virtual parents' evening takes place, where parents can get information about the current school year and tips on how to support their children. In addition, a personal student feedback meeting with the school management is held with each student in each school year.

What sets us apart

Personal, despite the distance

In spite of the distance school, we make it possible for all participants to be a part of the group. We have class leadership lessons and many extracurricular projects.

We want to be a school that is at home with the students and goes along with them. This is ideal for expatriates, artists, sportsmen and all students who cannot attend a regular school. 

Virtual classroom

The online classroom offers the advantages of a flexible choice of location and still provides the opportunity to establish personal contact with the teacher. This contact to a trusted teacher is especially important for young students and is intensively maintained by us.
The class size should therefore be between 8 and 15 students. 

Double lesson model

A challenge for our school is the scheduling. In order to offer the students continuity instead of fragmentation of the daily routine and to minimize the technical "start-up times" of the lessons, we teach in double blocks of 2x45 minutes.

Supplementary lessons

We offer a hybrid solution for parents educating children in countries where home schooling is not permitted or who want to send their children to a local school. In weekly lessons, the students have the possibility to book the subjects individually.

We can only act globally if we start thinking globally. Giving up dreams and opportunities because of the rigidness of structures should be a relic of the past.
I understand modern school education to mean the joint efforts of teachers, students and parents to achieve the best possible education without being tied to any particular location.

Encouraging by challenging, but not permanently overburdening. To know and understand one's students. These are concepts that I consistently pursue.

Our community is characterized by a pioneering spirit. Finding new ways and tackling challenges where they arise is the goal of colleagues, parents and learners.
We look forward to welcoming you to our team.

Sascha Berner, Principal

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