Your school in the virtual classroom

Each student is assigned a free online Microsoft Office 365 work environment. This is where the students work during the lessons. The whiteboard is automatically shared by the teacher so that the students can follow the explanations optimally at all times. They can also add to the teacher's presentation or take notes in their own work environment or continue working after class. Parents are given access to the work environment so that they know what has been worked on in class. In this way, the information is always available, even in case of illness.

Microsoft Teams

is a modern working environment in which work and communication is fast and uncomplicated.

The workbook

is the learning environment in which the students work. Clearly arranged and complete, they can follow the lessons, repeat them or do independent work. The teacher has access and can take corrective action.

Video Conference

The lessons take place in a virtual conference in class. While the teacher shares his screen, the students follow the lessons. Tasks are then carried out in the virtual workbook and corrected afterwards.
Central teaching sequences such as explanations can be recorded by the teacher for students who are not present and can be called up afterwards.

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